Faith, Hope and Love ?


All of us who have our feet firmly planted on the ground, begin to doubt.
We doubt because we ask simple questions, without getting credible answers.

The US has the world’s best and most developed bomb system.
The US has drones that hit all you will destroy,
precisely and without large margins of error.
The US has an intelligence service that picks out terrorists wherever they reside.

Tell us,
why is not every truck with oil bombed to smithereens,
every day and all the time?
Why not destroy the lifeline for ISIS,
their basis for conducting terrorism,
money that finances business?

This is the little boy’s questions in Emperor’s New Clothes.
Why do not US stop funding ISIS’ business immediately?
By stopping oil transport?

At this point in train of thought, doubt is rising hearing the word OIL:
Is it true? Politicians willing to ride several horses?

Scenarios making us breathless may be
OIL more valuable than stopping ISIS?
Are interests so big that tankers pass, seen not touched?
Politicians and multinational companies together maybe,
have mixed economic interests,
calculating terrorist attack as a statistical minor economic risk?

An eye-opener, putting two and two together:
The countries bombed, has to be rebuilt.
World financiers have many stocks in Brick and Mortar.
The greatest of all single industries, armaments industry,
producing to shareholders’ enjoyment?
And the remaining winners are oil interests, reconstruction and arms industry?

No, no, no you say;
Our elected leaders in Our democratic systems make decisions.
Our political leaders put human life first,
therefore bomb Syria, but not the tankers?

Three days ago Nobel laureate in economics said
our western countries is undergoing a dramatic dangerous situation.
Large parts of the global economy is in the hands of very few people,
people who are not accountable to anyone, but themselves.
People who have never been elected.
People having another agenda than creating good society for citizens.

The major underlying interests,
a mix of political and economic interests,
with lack of transparency,
they are few and they have names.
They are close to you and me.

Until our politicians,
sitting together,
stop the flow of money to ISIS,
we still say:
Stop bombing Syria

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Bombs kill ordinary people like you and me,
in Syria and in Europe.
The bombs make the rich richer,
ISIS’ generals and fighters know
who is in charge, and with real control,
Cameron or Rothschield ?

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