It was a lot of red and angry faces in British Parliament last Wednesday.
This day, just before Christmas, the agenda was bombing.
Stop fascism and bomb Syria reverberated across the floor.
Men engrossed in their own importance.
It was time for big words on both left and right side.
Excitement in the Commons resembled other excitements;
but will the blowout stop ISIS?

Maybe some men and too many MPs forget
the face of fascism, the ideals and figures.
The seduction leading MP’s to see themselves
as big, strong men, about to win the war.
Why is it so few MPs seeing the similarity
between warmongers, ISIS and their own bombs?
How can it be that after so many years non-effectful bombing,
so many MPs argue that bombing can bring us from hate to a peaceful Syria?


Some of us get anxious listening to tumultuous war rhetoric.
Introspection and soberness have poor conditions?
CAMERON, as Commander-in-Chief, believes in bombs!
But has NATO and EU’s bombs so long been of help?
It seems to be a coincidence between more bombs, more ISIS.

In the midst of this black sea grow some roses, indefatigable.
Quiet and defiant, England has acquired a politician who says no,
bombs give us more hatred and retribution.
A politician, for years repeteatedly, with respect and dignity,
has talked about creating a society for all.

He has repeated his message “ad nauseam”.
With a reverent and quiet behavior, he works tirelessly,
to promote a friendlier and caring society for all.
Not much rhetoric, no Churchill cigar bulging at Trafalgar Square.

A thoroughly honest person,
convincing us that he is concerned about society and humanity,
not accentuating himself,
and with authority telling world’s business men in Saudi-Arabia and the US:
Stop financing ISIS. Stop oil transport.
Ordinary people sitting at rest, thinking;
no money, no ISIS, no bombs.
Bombs make huge profit; we know whom benefits from it,
and they are close to us.

Is anyone listening?
Is there anyone who believes in such simple reviews?

Yes, unbelievably:
Labour’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn gets more and more attendance.
The Youth say this is a man, old enough to be our grandfather,
but with younger generations ideas and vision;
a Politician caring for ordinary people.

Corbyn is described with the loveliest of words,
just before Christmas:
He is CREDIBLE – is to believe, and with dignity.

He is probably also credible when he says
more bombs creates more war,
and makes us all more vulnerable.
Do we see opportunities for more equality and a fair society
with political leaders of his caliber?

In today’s world we need no Churchill but more Corbyn.
His vision is the vision of future.
We are becoming numerous enough
to change and create a new and better society.

Churchill was a brilliant warlord 70 years ago.
After five years he stood up triumphing over the forces of evil,
and his posthumous reputation is perhaps
tempting Cameron as well as Hollande.
In the heat of battle
the ruddy gentlemen in Parliament forgot that
ISIS is something else.
It is a movement that is growing,
getting more powerful for every bomb dropped.

Ideas create community and ideas don’t perish with bombs.
To combat harmful ideas you need intelligence, humility and long-term policy.

The Youth fills the streets in the UK and shout themselves hoarse:
Not bomb Syria.
They know their future is at stake.
The bombs incites retaliation.

Cameron is not credible.
The British have the ability to choose their leaders.
Churchill won the war, but he did not win the peace,
and Britain refused to prolong his leadership when the war was ended.


CORBYN meets an increasing attendance.
He has a challenging answer to Cameron, Hollande and Obama.
He says simply: Stop finance ISIS. Without money, no terror.

We are many who wonder why this is so difficult.

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