A Pledge – to Our Artists


Our urge is physical,
the urge for something hopeful,
something beautiful;
something fun, kind and gentle.
Bombs and wars come closer and closer.
The urge for something else becomes stronger and stronger.

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Therefore, this tribute to satire-subscribers in all newspapers,
You hardly find any stronger counterweight
to the self-absorbed warmongers.
And a tribute and incitement to musicians and painters:
Relate to our emotions,
talk about the beautiful and the good
in sound and in pictures.

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Because we are in need of a counterweight and courage
to believe there is another humanity;
someone to build houses instead of destroying.

Is it true that “the beautiful” and “the good”
locate close to each other?
If so, create the beautiful,
and the good will follow.

The anger and despair following ISIL’s terror
is the basis for counter-terror.
We know that more bombs do not help.
Therefore, we need someone who speaks in new terms
to give us answers opening our mind.

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Right now, our hope is that of the artists.
Please: Create new images and visions
for our mind, beautiful
and with a shimmer that makes us wake up
to another reality for us to create.

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