Now we know what kind of PM we want

Thank you, Mr. Cameron – Now we know what kind of PM we want.

Thousands of people are marching in the streets of Manchester during your Tory conference. They are telling you that your politics is one of austerity, that you are harming poor working class families and increasing child poverty.

Again and again we listen to you and your fellow politicians, and they seem constantly unable to empathize with ordinary human beings with ordinary lives. You represents a party with a home secretary who wants to stop refugees entering UK. Europe is in the middle of a crisis and Ms. May behaves in a way that makes her a possible partner to politicians with a far right leaning.
And you have a health minister attacking working class families for lacking of self-respect. He finds it shameful for people to accept benefits when they are low-paid and juggling three jobs between them. No wonder they are shouting: Shame on you Mr. Cameron, when marching in Manchester.

Why is it then that Jeremy Corbyn, Labour`s new leader gets supporters whenever he opens his mouth? Does he promise a new and golden path for one and all?
On the contrary, he very quietly states that the UK does not necessarily have to make poor people poorer, that the way the authorities push policies is undignifying and harmful to society and the economic development.

He does not want to use nuclear weapons. He finds it incomrehensible to use 100 billion pounds on nuclear submarines when money is badly needed elsewhere.
He would rather that really rich people contribute more than today, their “benefits” could be directed towards the NSH, one of the world`s best health system, instead of enlarging fortunes that destabilize the society.
He wants housing policies that enrich people with a roof over their head instead of more money to private landlords.
He wants subsidies to enhance trains and transport, not profiting private companies.
His policies do not seem very lefty or revolutionary.
But first of all he says, still very quietly, he would like to enhance a kinder society that take care of all people. It is long ago since a politician dared to use this kind of vocabulary.

Then again, thank you Mr. Cameron. You have made it very clear for more people what kind of politicians and what kind of politics we will support – it is not blue.

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